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vendredi 26 mai

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40th International Scripophily Auction Antwerp , par Mario Boone le 13/03/2008 13:27

Dear collector,

On March 29th, our 40th auction of historic shares & bonds will take place. We offer 1809 different lots from some 90 different countries. Start prices vary from €20 to €22.000, including 60 exceptional lots with start prices 1000 euro and upwards. We begin the auction with a unique old collection of Russian Scripophily, good for 489 lots. The top piece however comes from Germany : the Ilmenauer Kupfer & Silber Bergwerk, an extremely rare mining share from 1784 and hand-signed by Johann W. von Goethe. He is not only the German Shakespeare, but also an important politician and a natural scientist of world class.

The complete auction catalogue is available on http://www.booneshares.com, as well as the full program of the 2 day event – including Europe's biggest Scripophily bourse on Sunday March 30th and an IBSS sponsored breakfast with a lecture on Belgian/European companies in Tsarist Russia by Daniel Stevens, vice-president of the Belgian Chamber of Commerce for Russia.

Some highlights:

lot 1035 : Ilmenauer Kupfer & Silber Bergwerk, Goethe signed share, 1784 - €22.000

See above. Arguably the very best German Scripophily has to offer.

lot 1376 : West-Indische Compagnie, transport share from 1792 - €9.000

A maybe unique piece of one of the very first share-based companies (founded 1621!)

lot 174 : City of Nikolaef, 4725 Rbls bond from 1912 issue II - €5.000

Only 14 bonds of this type were ever issued, probably the rarest of all Russian city bonds

lot 1237 : Verein des Deutschen Volkstheaters in Wien, 1889 - €4.200

An extremely pretty and cultural significant share of great rarity

lot 1361 : Veersche Oester-Societeit, 1758 - €4.000

A mid-18th century Dutch oyster cultivation share of which only 20 were issued and this is the only one known to us

lot 91 : Rossia Insurance Company, 1881, 10 shares certificate - €3.600

Magnificent and very rare share of Russia's biggest insurance company, only 2 pieces known.

lot 465 : Amsterdam-Moscow Trade Directorium, bond of 1000 Guilders, 1717 - €2.900

Issued by Amsterdam businessmen group to finance the visit of Tsar Peter the Great to the Netherlands

lot 1178 : Imperial Japanese Government, bond of 10.000 yen, 1941 - €2.900

A Japanese war bond of an exceptionally high denomination, referred to in the specialized literature as 'not collectable' because of its rarity.

lot 78 : Imperial Bank in St. Petersburg, bond from 1809 - €2.800

The oldest Russian bank piece known to us, a bank with a great history.

lot 852 : Draps Fins d'Abbeville, share, 1855 - €2.500

A company going back to 1665 (Louis XIV, Colbert) issued the prettiest French piece from the 19th century.

lot 1477 : Fabrica de Faiancas das Caldas da Rainha, share, 1884 - €2.500

Others say this is the most beautiful share certificate ever issued. We agree.

lot 1536 : Canal Imperial d'arrosement d'Aragon en Espagne, bond, 1770 - €2.400

To the best of our knowledge, a first time seen and unique Spanish 18th century piece.

lot 1781 : Standard Oil Co., shares 1877 signed by John D. Rockefeller - €2.400

The company needs no introduction, nor does 'the richest man ever', Mr. Rockefeller.

lot 1577 : Real Compania Maritima, share, 1789 - €2.300

A very early Spanish fishing company with a lovely large vignette, and rare too.

lot 482 : Rivière du Caucase, share, 1914 - €2.300

A very attractive and perhaps unique share from Sochi, Russia (location of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games)

lot 1124 : Collection of 91 different Indian pieces - €2.200

We had never before seen such a large India collection.

lot 505 : Ersten Donau-Dampfschiffahrts-Ges., Share, 1838 - €2.200

The most important maritime company on the Danube ever – a very rare early issue.

lot 1455 : Repubblica di Polonia, bond of 5x500 Italian Lires, 1924 - €2.200

The only Polish-Italian bond we have ever seen, issued under Prime Minister W. Grabski (an important economic and monetary reformer).

lot 90 : Rossia Insurance Company, share, 1904 - €2.200

A later issue than lot 91, but also extremely rare and colourful.

lot 1641 : American Express Company, founders share (type I), 1853 - €2.000

One of the very best US stocks, hand-signed by Wells, Fargo and Holland.

lot 1761 : Pan Am Collection (63 pieces) - €2.000

A great collection, including many the very first shares of the concern, as well as rare specimens, and so on.

lot 1768 : President, Managers & Co. of Rancocus Toll-Bridge, share, 1793 - €2.000

One of the few US stocks before 1800.

lot 1360 : Trompenburg, Nederlandsche Automobiel- en Vliegtuigfabriek, 1916 - €2.000

A very big name in Dutch corporate history starting with the famous Royal Golden carriage.

lot 217 : Ville de Toula, bond from 1901 - €2.000

First time we see a bond from this Russian industrial city.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

best regards,


Mario Boone


Kouter 126

B-9800 Deinze


tel +32/9.386.90.91